DWTS Recap: 6 Couples, Trios and Double Elimination


[Photo: ABC Network]

By Tara Moore

There comes a point in time when we must let go of our unreasonable hopes and dreams that maybe just this once, this ONE time, the rules will change. And when we hope and dream for that, we’re usually expecting the rules change in our favor. Meaning, quite possibly, that all three of our favorite celebrities get to go home with a mirror ball at the end of the competition. Unfortunately, reality always comes back to bite us in our ‘naughty bits.’

The producers have decided to couple our double dance, trio performance week with a double elimination, signaling that the season is on its way to semifinals, and its time to let go of those not-as-strong dancers still toughing it out. In all fairness, Roshon has been struggling to convince Len of his real skills. [Spoiler alert] Farewell Roshon, it sucks you had to be the first to go tonight, but hopefully you’ll find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone tonight.

On a brighter note, Donald Driver came out and shocked theworldlast night with his trio Jive with Peeta and Karina. Shocked the first time around? Len gave them the encore dance tonight, so we were all fortunate enough to cringe a bit as he took his final leap of faith over his partners heads (everyone is okay!).

Katherine, dear Katherine, saw her first 8 since the beginning of the season and everyone noticed she was more than shook at the harsh reality that she wasn’t at the top of the leader board at the end of the night. And now, learning that she’s in jeopardy with the ever-talented Mark Ballas. There’s 20 minutes left til we hear their fate, so I’m going to go out on a limb and make my prediction–The semi finals will see Katherine and Mark, Maria and Derek, Donald and Peeta, and William and Cheryl go head to head.

I’m calling it: Melissa’s DWTS days have reached their ends and fans will send her home. Sorry Melissa and Maks, it’s been a good run, but in your world of competitive dance, the competition is way ahead.