Azealia Banks Drops New Single “Jumanji”

[Photo: The Guardian]

By Naima Abdi

Behold Jumanji! No not the awesome movie starring Robin Williams circa 1995… but an equally awesome new single released today from emerging indie hip-hop sensation Azealia Banks. The single belongs to a big batch of highly anticipated new music from the Harlem rapper soon to debut. For the summer, Banks will release her long awaited EP “1991” along with a mixtape named “Fantastic” and her full length album “Broke With Expensive Taste” is set to come out this fall. She’ll also be teaming up with photographer/director Rankin to re-shoot the video for her song “Liquorice.”

Judging from what we’ve heard so far (212, L8R and Liquorice) by Banks, the upcoming material will flesh out fresh jams suitable to move to for all the seasons to come. (sprummer, summer and autumn) And as of now, she’s scheduled to play shows throughout Europe from the end of July thru early October after she performs in New Jersey on June 3rd at the Metlife Stadium. But surely (and hopefully) as Banks jumps further into the spotlight and finishes her four month stint playing shows overseas, there will be a full-on US tour.

Be sure to check out Jumanji and stay tuned for more updates on Azealia Banks.