New Jimi Hendrix Bio-Pic Starring Andre 3000 Gets Yellow Lighted

[Photos: Andrew H. Walker / Central Press, Getty Images]

By Naima Abdi

Andre 3000/Cupid Valentino or simply known to the masses as (the better, in my opinion) half of OutKast, will star in a bio-pic about the life of rock god Jimi Hendrix. The film “All Is By My Side,” was written and will be directed by John Ridley and will co-star Haley Atwell and Imogen Poots. The feature film will mirror real-life interviews with Hendrix as well as archived material to tell his inspiring but tragic story.

So far there are a slew of names on deck to produce like Sean McKittrick and Jeff Culotta of Darko Entertainment, Danny Bramson, Subotica’s Tristan Orphen Lynch and Nigel Thomas from Matador.  Although the project is scheduled to start production in June, there’s already some red tape that may prevent it from being made all together.

Just yesterday (according to the Wall Street Journal) Experience Hendrix LLC,  the company owned by relatives of the late Jimi Hendrix and oversees Hendrix’s music and publishing, released a statement in response to the buzz about “All Is By My Side,” saying that the company will not allow original music or copyrighted material by Hendrix to be used without their full co-operation and inclusion in any feature films about the life of Jimi Hendrix. In other words EH isn’t completly against a bio-based movie being made using Hendrix’s music, they just want to be heavily involved and able to consult the producers of the project(s) on how best to preserve Hendrix’s legacy with the music he published.

Certainly some sort of agreement (most likely benefitting EH to the fullest) will come into play in order for the film to be made. But such negotiations could and probably will take a long time to settle. So for now, it seems as if we’ll all have to wait to get a glimpse of Andre 3000 portraying Hendrix on the big screen.