Why Rye Rye’s “Go! Pop! Bang!” Is Hot.

[Photo: Rye Rye via Facebook/USA Today]

By Naima Abdi

First off if you haven’t checked out this album yet then do it immediately! If not for the fact that “Go! Pop! Bang!” holds a track list full of groove-friendly beats and fresh to death lyrics, then surely because on her debut effort Rye Rye goes hard and makes music that is simply on point.

What’s more is that the album has such a diverse and eclectic range of songs that actually work to give it a nice balance between super heavy hitting and playfully light hearted. But considering the team of power-player producers paired with Rye Rye on the project like Bangladesh, RedOne and The Neptunes, it’s no surprise that the potluck of styles on “Go! Pop! Bang!” were executed successfully.

Even the poppy tunes (which my ears usually tend to shy away from) that I predict will become new singles popular on the radio and with the masses like DNA, Crazy Bitch feat Akon and her first single from the album Boom Boom, all seem to stand out from hit (and mostly annoying) songs with the same techno-hip-hop-bass-heavy fusion sound. And it’s because Rye Rye’s energy and confidence allows her to make hella catchy radio-bangers kinda cool without using lame lyrics, basic hooks and stupid chorus’. Still, these tracks weren’t my favorite and that’s probably because the new-school of popular music (LMFAO, Pitbull, the new J-lo) isn’t really my thing. But somehow these songs are growing on me and after only listening to the album for 1 day, I already know about 60% of the words to each of them.

As for the rest of the tracks on “Go! Pop! Bang!,” they generate a raw, get-down and gritty vibe but with a more polished and stronger sound than before. Better Than You feat M.I.A., Drop, Hotter and Dance, are songs that flex Rye Rye’s rhyming skills and deliver high energy beats that make you want to shake everything your mama gave you and then some. Good thing too because that’s what us long-time Rye Rye fans were expecting, new music that stays true to her core but also shows some progress. And although the album only debuted yesterday (May 15) I’m (and surely I am not the only one) highly anticipating the Go! Pop! Bang! live show. Which if you’ve seen Rye Rye perform, then you know as well as I do that it will be amazing, incredible and an all out sweat fest.

There’s two versions of the album both available on iTunes or elsewhere, the second of which is a deluxe edition featuring additional tracks from some earlier Rye Rye material including Bang, Rock Off Shake Off (MY FAVORITE), Hardcore Girls, Shake It To The Ground and the Ryeot Powrr mix tape.

Join the party, snag your copy of “Go! Pop! Bang!” and stay tuned for more news on Rye Rye.