DWTS Season 14: Donald and Peta

Photo ABC Network

By Tara Moore

So the Welsh Wiggler didn’t win. Maria went home pre-finals. the Latin James Bond came in third. Season 14 was one big surprise after another, but let’s give credit to the talent and reasoning behind this season’s winners and losers. A die hard Katherine and Mark fan, I accepted the fact she might not win the competition, even if I wanted her to.

I also accepted the fact that Donald was the ultimate DWTS star. From beginning to end he improved each week, taking criticism, praise and advice into each practice session to get that 10 from Len. I knew he’d won after his zany freestyle, especially since Katherine’s Jive-inspired freestyle didn’t get Carrie Ann Inaba to stand on the judge’s table. It was a night of almost perfect scores for all three finalists, and while I didn’t expect William Levy to finish out in third place, but after Len’s criticism for their predictable sexy Latin freestyle with lifts, it makes sense that Donald is the winner.

Katherine was definitely a stronger dancer than the three of them, but Donald was the season’s underdog and shows the greatest improvements (he really had nowhere to go but up). Congratulations to an incredible cast of stars and impressive innovative choreography from the professionals, I hope to see all three finalists in Season 15th’s All Star lineup!