Grey’s Anatomy recap: fantasy vs. reality

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By Tara Moore

The new interns at Seattle Grace are looking like children compared to the intern era of Meredith, Cristina and Alex. Like I suggested last week, this show has reached its end and the new cast following the older, much wiser cast of docs, only makes them look even more weak as potential replacements to keep the story going. As for the plot points, there’s nothing exciting to report.

Except, of course, Meredith is preggers! The dark and tormented surgeon who couldn’t for the life of her conceive a child, is now carrying and keeping it a secret from everyone besides Derek. Whether she’s concerned that she’ll lose the baby or  just looking for a little privacy in the early stages of her pregnancy is up for discussion. But it seems there’s a lot of worry in our tragedy-prone heroine.

As for the Alex and “Princess” spark we saw tonight, I’m not surprised, she’s like a brunette version of Izzy, and we know how that turned out for our favorite Peds surgeon.

Now that Arizona’s out of her funk, Derek may be getting his neurosurgeon hand back (thank to his sister, guest star Nev Campbell), there’s just not much drama in what was once primetime’s greatest drama. Looks like Shonda Rhimes has turned all her attention to her newest baby, Scandal (more on that in the following post!).

Next week we might get some excitement if Cali goes back in on Derek’s hand. Still, we haven’t had that ‘bomb-in-a-body-cavity’ moment since the Columbine-style shooting that took place a couple season’s back and the deadly plane crash last season that barely affected the show (except for the loss of our beloved Mark Sloan and Lexi Grey).

Watching and waiting for the next big moment…