Sway Predicts: Lana Will Get Out Of Briarcliff

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Sister Jude/Judy Bloom will probably rot inside of Briarcliff for the rest of her life but something tells me that Lana Winters won’t. Right now she has a lot of leverage because Mother Claudia was made aware by Judy that Lana isn’t supposed to be in the asylum.  She’s also the only person who knows where the real bloody-face’s confession is hidden. Even better, the devil is gone (as far as we know) so there isn’t anyone around to protect Dr. Threadson from being exposed. One way or another she (and the tape) will get out. Lana is smart so she’ll probably expect Threadson to be on the hunt for her once she’s gone and prepare for his creepy attack accordingly.

Since bloody face 2.0/Lana’s baby survives, tonight could very well be the last time we ever see Dr. Oliver Threadson alive, hopefully.