Shameless Recap: Season 3 Premiere

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By Naima Abdi

As usual, Fiona is on the money and in the dark even though she thinks she knows what’s really going on. Can’t blame her for being clouded since she’s worried about finding whatever job she can so the Gallaghers can afford their property tax. So Steve/Jimmy’s crazy involvement with Estefaña’s dad and his Brazilian gangsters simply went unnoticed, though it’s bound to turn awfully sour between he and Fiona when she finds out he was a witness to and co-conspirator in Marco’s death.

She could handle his past lies about his real identity as Jimmy and the fact that he chops cars for a living. But a murderer with ties to a crazy drug lord is just too much drama for Fiona and the family to take on. Not to mention it’s dangerous! Part of her has to know something is up because she saw the black Escalade following Steve/Jimmy but the rest of the episode suggests she is choosing to ignore it. Probably because she’s about to embark on her own risky journey into the world of club promoting, for which she sacrificed the $1000 dollars needed to help pay the property tax.

Meanwhile Lip is up to his usual clever schemes to make cash. This time, he (with the help of Ian) stole a high-tech laser and used his genius engineering skills to spruce it up for a bot-competition against smart rich kids. (He won by the way.) In the process he got himself arrested and received a final warning from the judge to stay out of trouble or the next time he will see bars for a long time. Luckily, Lip’s strong arming teacher is pressed on getting him to focus on his future so he’ll be successful. The only thing that will get in the way is Lip, 4.5 GPA or not. But hopefully he’ll see that for a smart person like him, there’s little reward or glamor in not taking the college route.

Ian is escaping the toils of his family and the Southside in a hotel penthouse suite with Steve/Jimmy’s dad. Both have acknowledged it’s complicated but not for the obvious reason (that he’s sleeping with his sisters’ boyfriend’s dad) but because he still thinks of Mickey as his boyfriend and Steve/Jimmy’s dad has a wife. So it seems that neither are easily turned away by their controversial hook up.

Unfortunately Frank is back in the mix after his episode-long struggle to get out of Mexico. Now he’s going to sell the drugs he smuggled and will likely have to work with some very menacing drug lords. Knowing Frank , he will most definitely screw up and let the rest of the family bear the burden for it.

Let the shamelessness begin!