RIM’s Back…Now It’s Blackberry

Photo: venturebeat.com

Photo: venturebeat.com

By Naima Abdi—

“One brand, One Promise” is the direction RIM, or as they will now be called BlackBerry, is heading and the release of two new phones along with a new signature OS marks the start of a rather crucial transformation for the company. The brand developed a fresh line of phones, called BlackBerry 10, which features the fully touchscreen Z10 smartphone, totally uncharted territory for the company but probably the most anticipated of the additions. The Z10 is a simple but classic design that’s wider than the iPhone 5, has a 4.2 inch display and a resolution of 720p. But for users not ready to go keyless, they created the Q10 with a 3.1 inch display and keyboard.

Both phones run on the company’s newly crafted OS and delivers Flow, a method that makes it easy for users to go between apps. There’s also video calling capabilities, screen-sharing, and a central location for all email, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin messages coined the BlackBerry Hub. Surprisingly enough, “Girl on Fire” singer Alicia Keys was actually hired to be the Global Creative Director for BlackBerry. Her involvement was announced during a press event where she addressed the crowd with a story about her on again off again and now back on again relationship with BlackBerry phones.

Currently the costs and release dates for these first two phones in the BlackBerry 10 family have yet to be released to US consumers, though tomorrow the Z10 will hit shelves in the UK.  The tech community waited around a long time for the company formerly known as RIM to step it up and come out with something that can keep pace with the major players saturating the smartphone market. While this is a new venture for BlackBerry that outshines all other previous efforts, it just might be too late and not enough to give them the facelift that they so badly need.

Still, it never hurts to try.