Sway Predicts: Meredith Almost Miscarries

Photo via tvfanatic.com

Photo via tvfanatic.com

I won’t completely write off the McBaby baking in Meredith’s belly, but we at least know she has a scare. It’s about time though, her perfect marriage makes me cringe! But aside from the baby world, things are getting a little out of control at Seattle Grace, and we can’t wait.

Last week Meredith was a crying, angry hormonal pregnant mess and it was not pleasant for the interns or us viewers. This week she’ll be a bit more subdued, hopefully in an attempt to avoid any stress that could compromise her pregnancy. Just out of her first trimester, the worry will drive her crazy and right to her OB/GYN’s office. Let’s hope the baby’s okay, but prepare for the worst.

Yang has to decide whether to abide her patient’s family’s wishes or save her patient’s life, and my bet’s on her patient. Ever since the plane crash, the robot surgeon that was, is no longer. When Cristina discovers her patient is a Jehovah’s Witness, her immediate reaction is to hold off giving him blood because it’s against their religion. My guess is she’ll either talk the family into letting her save his life, or she’ll break one too many hospital rules and give him the blood anyway. Either way, I don’t see her losing this one. At least not tonight.

While Cristina struggles with this decision and Meredith freaks out over her pregnancy, the hospital itself is going broke and the doctors are at fault. Perhaps out of sheer guilt, Derek is trying to find a way to save the hospital, but I don’t think it will work. I’m seeing shuttered windows and locked doors at Seattle’s trauma 1 hospital, and no miracle can stop that.

If Seattle Grace does survive their financial woes though, Grey’s Anatomy will still meet its own demise soon enough.