Project Runway Recap: Heidi’s Surprise

On episode 3 of Project Runway, “Surprise Me,” the teams created both an ad campaign and press event look for the launch of Heidi Klum’s new perfume Surprise

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By Naima Abdi—

There was a high level of skepticism on my part about whether or not this whole team concept on the new season of Project Runway would be any good. Glad to say the folks on the show have made it work and then some. Watching different designers either smoothly collaborate to create inspiring fashions or crash and burn together is a far more interesting viewing experience because this season isn’t just about how good a designer is but rather about how well they play with others.

This week team Keeping it Real continued their winning streak. Kate and Layana were the pair that wooed the judges with their design for the ad campaign look. Their dress was classic in black with a light pink corset and long lovely silhouette for that added touch of feminine prowess, sought after by client Heidi Klum. Kate took the lead on this challenge and her confidence in the garment’s success every step along the way paid off when she was named the individual winner.

Self taught fashion designer Daniel snagged the second winning spot for his sophisticated lengthy gown in tan with black leather trim. The best thing about his look was the riveting movement and sharp technique he used to add the leather element into the dress.  Daniel originally designed the gown for the ad campaign but Heidi decided that it was better suited for press events, probably because of its brilliant simplicity and strong cosmopolitan aesthetic.

The designers said goodbye to sweet but severely out of touch Cindy. Her fabric choice (Shanton, yuck!) and actual design failed miserably because it looked very dated. Cindy’s would-have-been-hot-a-decade-ago dress wasn’t nearly as much of a train wreck as Benjamin’s very poorly constructed, bodice-less dress that was literally wrapped in gold leather in order to disguise his sloppy and unfinished work. On stage Benjamin’s design tanked and made the very thin model’s bust a saggy and uncomfortable looking mess.

Something tells me he’ll be the next one to go because he honestly doesn’t seem cut out for the pressure of this competition. Plus Nina Garcia pegged his design as the most poorly constructed garment she’s ever seen on the show…All signs point to auf wiedersehen.

Kiss kiss.