Designer Spotlight: Project Runway’s Stanley Hudson

On last night’s episode of Project Runway, “The Ultimate Hard and Soft” the designers had to create looks using elements from real flowers and hardware. 

Stanely Hudson Project Runway Season 4 Episode 11

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By Naima Abdi—

Right from the start Stanley laid out a decisive blueprint for his new team and managed to boost morale on the Dream Team after last week resulted in another loss against his old team Keeping it Real. Thanks to Stanley, the vintage Dior concept that the DT used for this week’s 2 in 1 unconventional challenge featuring flowers and hardware was a total hit with the judges and a real sight to see on the runway.

All of the looks were cohesive and inspired but Stanley’s was the most impressive and stunning of them all, though he wasn’t pegged the individual winner. His long floral dress in green leaves, white roses and wire mesh was a simple yet whimsical design with a strong ladylike and ultra classic beauty aesthetic— perfect for a fantasy garden party.

Not quite sure why the judges decided Samantha was the winner because her dress, while gorgeous,  didn’t have that same air of floral prowess nor was it as iconic as Stanley’s dress. It’s also surprising because he orchestrated the team’s theme and provided the vision that made them so successful on the runway and broke their losing streak.

Nevertheless, all of the dresses in the DT’s collection were incredibly well made and inventive. It’s really too bad that Keeping it Real wasn’t even close to being on the same level. Perhaps the teammate swap knocked them slightly off their game, but whatever the case, their team’s collection failed style wise because all of the pieces were so random. Their “through the decades” concept was confusing and though Heidi and the rest of the judges liked the looks they came up with (I didn’t), they were ultimately sold on the DT’s more cohesive modern couture line.

Joseph got sent home for his retro sweater dress even though Amanda’s moss dress was way worse and the rest of the designers voted her as the weakest link. Luckily the preview for next week’s episode suggests another designer will get the boot.

Fingers crossed it’s Amanda, she’s just been considered safe in each of the challenges throughout the competition so far. Her moss dress and attitude this week only indicates her lack of developed creative non-commercial edge and desire to create art instead of potential commerce.