Shameless Recap: Nobody F*cks with the Gallaghers

On the latest episode of Shameless, “The Sins of My Caretaker,” The Gallaghers pull together to find Aunt Ginger’s body; Kev and Veronica hit a wall but continue with the baby making process; and Child Protective Services show up at the worst possible time.

Copyright Showtime Networks Inc.

Copyright Showtime Networks Inc.

By Naima Abdi—

Even in the midst of several crises Fiona and the gang, Kev and Veronica included, kept their togetherness and general bravado throughout. Jimmy on the other hand, had real difficulty moving past the shocking discovery that his dad is actually gay. Which if you think about, isn’t really as big of a deal compared to the threat of imprisonment because your dead-beat boozer of a dad buried your aunt’s body in the backyard then set up a scam to collect her social security checks.

Jimmy didn’t seem to see it that way though, because he kept obsessing over it and all of the instances in his life when his dad’s real sexuality should have made sense to him. Fiona was right for going off on him after he showed up in the middle of the frantic digging party, drunk and still whining about his dad. She said some very hurtful but true things and although she one-up’ed his drama with the everyday struggles she and the family have to deal with on a regular basis, it didn’t justify him going off and sleeping with Estefaña out of retaliation. Just proves further that he really is a soft and weak loser who’s no good for Fiona. It’s about time their ghetto marriage ended anyway, Jimmy’s whole house wife act was getting old.

Plus now, she and the family have to face Child Protective Services because of Frank’s revenge phone call that prompted them to come to the residence and check up on the kids. Of all the times to visit, the social worker showed up during the Gallaghers’ daycare hustle when the house was a disaster zone full of snotty and smelly kids. At the same time, Mickey’s in the kitchen undergoing bootleg surgery to remove the bullet that Jimmy’s mom put in him for robbing her house (on Jimmy’s dad’s orders), and Debbie storms in right at the height of the scene doing a victory dance and song in celebration of nearly drowning one of the slutty mean girls at the pool who embarrassed her in public. It’s a sure bet that CPS will take custody of the children, Fiona will have to fight to get them back and will probably be forced to team up with Frank since she doesn’t have legal custody of them. But as Fiona says, “nobody f*cks with the Gallaghers,” not even CPS, so they’ll cross this big hitch in the road together, as a family.

Unfortunately, the family planning for Kev and Veronica isn’t going so well. The doctor says V can’t get pregnant and while Kev is open to other options, V won’t accept not having a child with her DNA. So, the two come up with an unusual and awkward solution to the problem that involves a turkey baster, V’s mom and Kev’s sperm.

Lip and Mandy’s “thing” almost came crashing down due to Lip’s inability to move past the heartbreak he suffered because of Karen. He was such a jerk and kicked Mandy out of the house for folding his clothes, trying to help roll joints on the ice cream truck, and for wanting to have morning sex. But both Kev and Ian made him realize that Mandy actually cares about him and unlike Karen, she won’t be reckless with his heart or take advantage of his love. Thankfully he decided to let go of all the pain Karen caused and even left her an angry but rather therapeutic voice mail.

Maybe now that they’re kind of official, Mandy will talk him into going to college, after of course he helps Fiona sort out this whole CPS dilemma.