Character Spotlight: Shameless’ Fiona Gallagher  

On the latest episode of Shameless, “Cascading Failures,” Fiona faces one difficulty after another but forges along anyway and makes a shocking discovery about who really reported the Gallaghers to Child Protective Services.

Shameless S03E06 Cascading Failures Fiona

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By Naima Abdi—

Fiona really tried to keep it together but even this situation was too much for her to take on all by herself. Especially since on top of losing the kids, she also lost her job at the supermarket. Her pig of a boss Bobby plays hardball and refuses to give her a day off so she can run down to CPS, unless of course she starts taking Bobby breaks like the other ladies at work. Surprisingly Jimmy came back, the two made up and he helped her with the plan to get the kids back, though obviously he left the part about smashing his fake-wife Estefaña out.

Even though this isn’t the family’s first time dealing with the child welfare system, this particular occasion is different because it didn’t go as the Gallaghers expected. Since Lip and Ian are too old for foster care they get sent to a group home, Debbie goes into the custody of a mean woman who collects kids, and Carl and Liam are placed with a stereotypical interracial gay couple keen on adopting the both of them for good.

Despite the obvious benefits of an empty house (alone time with Jimmy), Fiona cannot deal with this lonely feeling that the kids’ absence from her life brings. She’s the caretaker, the family’s fortress and their pillar of strength, but she’s powerless in this situation because for once this is something she can’t fix on her own. Still, once she gathered her senses and figured out what to do, Fiona really tapped into all of her resources before she was forced (as a last resort) to broker a deal with Frank in order to get him to sign the petition to begin the process of recovering her brothers and sisters.

Luckily during the crisis, the social worker on the family’s case got to see just how much of a stand up woman and sister Fiona is. Which is why she decides to break the system’s rules and share as much information about the kids whereabouts with Fiona as she can. She also gives Fiona some insights on who ratted them out and even coyly lets Fiona listen to the call CPS received reporting the Gallaghers.

Now that Fiona knows Frank is responsible for all of this, she and the rest of the family will surely get their revenge on him. There are many clever ways to screw Frank, but what exactly will they do to him? Whatever it is, we know it will be sweet and satisfying to watch mainly because he has it coming and his scumbag tactic to hurt the family really put them in serious jeopardy this time.

Can’t wait to see Frank’s fall from ghetto grace. Can you?