Sway Predicts: Karen Cartwright’s in Trouble

On tonight’s episode of Smash, “The Song,” tensions run high for the Bombshell team, from Julia all the way down to Marilyn herself, Karen.

Photo: Will Hart/NBC

Photo: Will Hart / NBC

Apparently muse-status doesn’t last forever. Last week we saw Karen completely brush off Derek, hinting at her new interest in Jimmy Collins. Looks like Derek’s not too keen on this development—his muse is as much his muse because he’s intrigued and because she was intimidated by him. Without that intimidation, Derek loses a level of appeal. But power? Never.

Derek will get testy with Karen now that Bombshell is back in business and if Karen isn’t careful, she could lose the lead. Now that Veronica Moore is occupying more of Derek’s creative time and Ivy gets to brag about her lead in Liaisons, all Karen has is the twice killed and risen from the ashes Bombshell. But with Tom and Julia already salty about her as lead, her world could come crumbling down without Derek as well.

Tread carefully Karen, which show are you really invested in this season?