Face Off Recap: Planetary Werewolves    

On the latest episode of Face Off, “Howl at the Moon,” the contestants work in teams on werewolf characters from different planets.


By Naima Abdi—

This week was a major turning point in the competition. Surprisingly, Meagan won immunity in the foundation challenge and was actually on a team with one of the top looks in the spotlight, though she didn’t contribute as much to her and House’s raved-over Martian astronaut werewolf as he did. Their success was in huge part to House’s talent and consistent craftsmanship.

Both Wayne and Kris added significant value to their creature from Neptune that secured their win. Kris was named the individual winner for the second time in a row and as the show goes on, I’m noticing just how much of an amazing artist he is. Kris isn’t just creative but he’s patient and really thinks things through then tackles each task. Another one of his strong points is the ability to improvise and attention to detail that instantly add onstage presence to his work.

An even bigger shock was seeing Anthony and Eric Fox in the bottom. The negative feedback they received from the judges on their concept inspired by Saturn was somewhat harsh but justified because the wolf face looked awfully like a cartoon-y Halloween mask and the hair had “cheap drugstore wig” written all over it. As my fantasy Face Off team, they really let me down!  It was a real shame because it seemed like a sure bet their creature would go over well on stage since the two put a lot of work into it and the idea was so unique. Especially the wings, which were a cool and functioning add-on, but also the impressively sculpted and massive bodice.

Still the judges felt the full package was inconsistent and they were ultimately disappointed. At this stage in the competition, Eric F. can’t rely on his big concepts with unpolished details just to get by. Thankfully this flub wasn’t enough to get either of them eliminated.

Autumn and Eric Z’s train wreck of a werewolf from Jupiter was far worse than anything we’ve seen all season and perhaps throughout the entirety of the series. There were many things wrong with this look— it was uninspired, sloppy and an all out mess. The biggest problem was Autumn and her bossy attitude that created a rather tense relationship between the pair. Autumn was acting like a lunatic dictator, stomping around, barking out orders and causing drama in the work room.

Eric’s passiveness didn’t help either because once he felt trampled by Autumn’s aggressive stance, he just went along with whatever she wanted to do for the concept, and the result was a lame and yucky final look that the judges ripped to pieces during critique. He did however make a disclaimer that sort of asserted his position but at the same time threw Autumn under the bus for the work she did that got them in the bottom.

Obviously Autumn was sent home, and I’m not at all sad to see the back of her even though I really wanted Meagan gone this week. I may change my mind about that if she turns out something awesome next challenge, which I doubt, since it’s going to be a double elimination, and with the stakes so high, it seems foreseeable she’ll crack under the pressure.