Character Spotlight: Bates Motel’s Norma Bates  

On A+E’s Bates Motel, Norma—not to be confused with Norman—is the eccentric mother of sons Norman Bates and Dylan Massett who can’t seem to get it together. Now that she uprooted her family to start over, her past may be catching up with her.  

Copyright: A&E Television Networks

Copyright: A&E Television Networks

By Tara Moore—

Norma Bates is obsessed. Not only is she obsessed with this notion of starting over, but she’s obsessed with her youngest son, cleverly named Norman Bates. Her relationship with Norman varies drastically from her relationship with Dylan, who it seems she almost disdains when he shows up in White Pine Bay.

The moment Dylan arrived in the second episode, Norma’s face was screaming SOS, as if she was threatened by her own son’s presence. As it turns out, he’s a bit skeptical as to what happened to Norma’s husband—his stepdad—and how she got the money to move to a new town and buy a motel. Granted, the foreclosure story is logical, after the deputy sheriff’s confession last week that the town is based on lies, it wouldn’t be surprising that Norma lied herself.

Speaking of lying, Norma’s not very good at it, but her flirting makes up for it. The deputy is falling for her while she’s just trying to protect her and Norman now that the town knows the first owner of the motel is missing and his car was found not too far from her house. We’re not sure how long she can keep this story up but chances are, the deputy’s going to bury the case as long as he can so he can keep making nice with the new girl in town.

We know she’s a bad liar, but she seems really quick to off someone. Yes, we’re basing that on her rapist, but what really did happen to her husband? My initial thought was that Norman blacked out and killed his father, but after the first two episodes, i’m starting to wonder if she’s covering up her own secret.

Tonight she’ll be in fully mommy mode thanks to Norman’s medical drama, so we’ll be watching for elevations in her devotion, eccentricity and persistence.

Expect a completely different Norma Bates as the season progresses—something tells me we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.