Shameless Recap: Hell Froze Over    

On last night’s episode of Shameless, “Order Room Service,” Fiona shows excitement about the future but discovers a flaw in the plan; Ian and Lip make a scene at Mickey’s wedding; and Frank does the unbelievable.



By Naima Abdi—

There’s nothing Fiona wants more than to keep the family dynamic intact with Jimmy in the picture, which really sucks since we all know just how much of a liar and a coward he is, but she’s just too invested in their relationship to admit it. When Fiona decides to compromise with Jimmy and actively looks into moving her and the kids to Michigan with him, she completely called him on his bluff. The moment he suggested it to her, he never expected her to actually be on board but now that she is and is showing excitement, he’s acting awfully skittish.

Fiona learns the truth of Jimmy’s plans to live in Ann Arbor solo after she answers his phone and talks to a rental agent calling to let him know he was approved for the studio he applied to rent. Without even thinking twice she goes to his job for a face to face and the two have the confrontation we’ve been waiting for all season.

Lip really tries to do what Jimmy can’t; man up! In the initial attempt to cut Mandy off, he can’t seem to reveal he knows what she did nor shake the grasp she has on him until he sees what’s become of Karen. No longer is she the zesty, bold person she was because now that she has frontal lobe damage, Karen is docile, child-like and simply not the same. In a rage-driven state Lip crashes Mickey’s wedding and goes off on Mandy and not only did he break up with her, but he also pretty much told the entire party about her running over Karen.

Perhaps the stir Lip caused inspired Ian to make his own scene about his problems with Mickey and now Mandy knows he’s been having relations with her brother. Just before the ceremony he and the groom had a pow-wow in the back room that resulted in angry make up sex. Although they discussed their issues, Ian couldn’t convince Mickey not to get married, and instead Mickey proposes they continue to meet in secret. Still heartbroken, Ian watches the man he loves get married to a Russian prostitute with a stiff drink in hand from the back of the room.

Despite all the static, Fiona goes on the camping trip her boss invited her and the family to anyway. In a sudden but interesting turn of events, she shares an intimate moment with Mike and nearly has sex with him. Yet she can’t go through with it because she’s still trying to sort out all this mess with Jimmy. Little does she know how bad things got for him in the short amount of time that’s passed since she last saw him.

Immigration took his fake wife Estefaña and is in the process of deporting her, so her scary drug lord father shows up to have a talk with Jimmy. Soon it becomes clear that this may be the last chat Jimmy ever has with anyone even though he’s trying to keep himself alive by talking his way out of it. Nando isn’t impressed with his explanations or solutions and takes Jimmy out on his boat for what could quite possibly be the last night of his life.

This is an interesting and rather unexpected potential exit for his character that I’m sure no one saw coming. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not he comes back from that boat ride and how Fiona and the family will pick up the pieces, because one way or another, Jimmy will be out of the picture.

For the first time ever Frank actually behaved as a responsible father! When the police come to take Carl into custody for the robbery they committed against Carl’s ex-foster parents, Frank wakes up after hearing the commotion and approaches the officers at once letting them know he’s fully to blame and that his son was only doing what he told him to do.

After Frank gets taken away he doesn’t even look upset about it. Part of me think’s he’s doing it for the prison bed and food but maybe it’s that soft spot he has brought out by guilt that’s starting to effect him. Either way, this was a first for Frank and not to be overly optimistic, but something tells me it won’t be his last.