Revolution Recap: Sticks and Stones  

On last night’s episode of Revolution, “The Song Remains the Same,” Jason proves his loyalty; Neville gets caught up; Rachel almost takes a life; and Charlie comes into her own.

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Copyright NBCUniversal

By Tara Moore–

There’s nothing like a TV show where rebels go up against militia with sticks and stones. Now that Monroe‘s people are assembling a nuclear bomb, Charlie and her mother, Miles and Nora and the rest of the rebels are fighting a very unbalanced war.

After capturing Captain Tom Neville, the prodigal son turns up to question his father, on behalf of the rebels. Playing his part really well, Jason Neville has us believe his father could easily get into his head by convincing Jason his mother is in danger. Knowing all too well the lengths at which his father will go for freedom–and more so power–Jason plays into his father’s story and gets him to spill just a little on what his job is to save his mom. And just like that, Neville learns his son’s loyalties are no longer to their family; he’s now fully committed to the rebel cause.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s mom is having a hard time coping with the fact that the man who killed her husband and kidnapped her son is sitting chained to a chair in a room just a few feet away from her, and after a botched attempt to kill him when her daughter intervenes, Neville manages to escape after the crew sets out to the cement factory he told his son about. Unfortunately for the rebels, they’ve now lost their Padre as well. Rachel, realizing she needs to level the playing field, finally sets out to turn the power back on with Aaron. How exactly she’ll do this, we’re not sure, especially after discovering that there are spore-sized computers replicating and absorbing all the electricity. Before her trip though, she does manage to let us in on her history with Miles a bit.

Apparently, he wasn’t just Uncle Miles to Danny and Charlie. It looks like he was their mother’s lover. I doubt we’ll see a twist as twisted as Miles being Charlie’s real father–that’s just too soap opera for a dystopian series–but something tells me the details of Miles and Rachel’s past are only just beginning to come to light.

Either way, Miles now has one thing to do and one thing only; keep Charlie alive. Sure he’ll succeed, but what will she become?