Today on the Boards: DIY Pretty Pots  

Today’s pin of the day is a creative and simple way to make plain old flower pots decorative.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Add a sense of flair to those plain terra-cotta pots for indoor plants with an easy DIY method by photographer, writer and blogger Christine Chitnis using fabric and Mod Podge. Simply cut some fabric to fit around the pot and apply the glue fully onto the cloth once there’s already a small guide piece in place. Then, form the rest of the cloth along the pot, and cut any excess from the top and bottom but make sure to leave about an inch to fold over and secure. A nifty tip is to slightly pleat the fabric when pressing it into the inside and on the bottom of the pot.

These are great for bringing a more festive and decorative touch to the home but they also make wonderful gifts for plant lovers. Remember it’s best to keep your pretty pots indoors because should it rain and they get wet, the mod-podge will wash off.

Just keep in mind the basics of photosynthesis and indoor gardening.