Sway Predicts: Olivia Confronts Fitz  

Scandal’s back! On tonight’s episode, “Seven Fifty-Two,” Olivia gets to the bottom of Fitz’s confidential intelligence mission while Jake scrambles to keep his lies intact and we learn more about Huck’s past.

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Fitz is many things. Ruthless, sometimes creepy and heartless, yes, but he’s also quite pathetic at times. Everyone around him is full of deceit! First his wife, then Cy and Olivia, and now his trusted All-American patriot is lying, and he’s trying to pull Olivia into that fold.

If all goes accordingly, Fitz won’t find out about Olivia and Jake’s after-dark romp, but let’s be frank, things never go accordingly on this show, at least not till the very end. If Olivia is as strong a woman as we hope she is, Jake’s request that she not tell Fitz about knowing him will have fallen on deaf ears. Plus, Olivia’s got bigger problems; Huck’s in a dark place and we’ll finally learn why.

When Fitz inquires about her love, she needs to say no. Now that, she can keep lying about all she wants.