Game of Thrones Recap: The Climb is All There is  

On Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Climb,” Jon Snow embarks on the journey up the wall; Theon Greyjoy’s situation gets worse; Arya Stark and The Red Woman cross paths; and Little Finger leaves King’s Landing on top. 

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Copyright HBO Networks

By Naima Abdi—

The honeymoon phase is bound to come into full effect for Jon Snow and Ygritte after the two just barely survived the intense climb up the wall. As a new couple, they’ve already come pretty close to the edge of death though thankfully, they managed to avoid eternal darkness by simply sticking together.

Besides the fact that all their tender moments result in sexy and iconic scenes, what’s even better about their romance is that there aren’t any secrets. Prior to setting out on the journey, Ygritte confesses to Jon that she knows he’s far too loyal and honorable to have stopped being a crow, and that she doesn’t care as long as he never betrays her. So far Jon is keeping his word and it doesn’t seem the least bit likely that he’ll break that vow.

In the case of Theon Greyjoy‘s torturer, Iwan Rheon, he’s making all sorts of false declarations and promises mean’t to torment and confuse Theon. It’s really hard to watch all the gritty suffering especially when there’s so many questions because we still don’t know who exactly this mysterious and devious fellow is or why Theon is being punished.

It’s slightly confusing since Theon’s predicament has nothing to do with what he did, or the bad things he didn’t get the chance to do. While there are quite a few unknowns about the torturer’s intentions, it’s clear gaining information about the whereabouts of the Stark boys may be at the center of this whole thing since Theon’s captor mentioned how eager he was to hunt them down.

If Bran and Rickon are lucky, they’ll stay under the radar long enough to make it to the wall, where perhaps they’ll meet up with Jon Snow provided there’s nothing more to that inclement vision Jojen had about him. So far the youngest of the Stark children have done a relatively good job of keeping low profiles, Arya in particular. But her strong will and trademark rebellion made a lasting impression on Lady Melisandre when the Red Woman met up with the Brotherhood to discuss Lord of Light business.

Yet the encounter wasn’t just a pow wow to talk about religion and strategy. Instead, it was a crucial part of her mission to round up possible threats to Stannis‘s claim of the Iron Throne. Now that she has Gendry, there’s no telling what she has planned for him.  Will she sacrifice him in the name of the Lord of Light? Keep him prisoner in the dungeons of Dragonstone like Sir Davos, or try to turn him into a true believer? An even better question is, how is he going to get out of this mess?

Planning an escape in his position is risky enough as it is, let alone trying to come up with one good enough to give the seemingly all knowing Melisandre the slip. Should anything awful happen to Gendry, the Red Woman might just find herself on Arya’s kill list. What’s certain is that sooner or later but probably much later, both Arya and Melisandre will come face to face again.

Sadly, that may not be true for Lord Varys and Little Finger, as the score in their little game was somewhat settled resulting in a win for Little Finger. After he caught wind of Varys’s plots to marry off Sansa Stark to Loras Tyrell, Lord Petyr Baelish also discovered that his esteemed number two was acting as a spy for The Master of Whispers. Once he was able to dissemble the plan crafted by Varys, Lord Baelish sought out his revenge on Ros by giving her over to Joffrey for the King’s sick and demented version of target practice.

Not only is Varys unable to protect his spies but he’s also incapable of upstaging Little Finger. Sure, everything he does is for the good of the realm but this time, his sights were set almost entirely on making things difficult for Lord Baelish. He was out of his league and it completely backfired.

With Littlefinger finally off to claim his riches and new wife, the chance for Varys to redeem himself is pretty much lost. Though knowing the spider, he won’t let this one go so easily and will be determined to restore his reputation and stick it to Littlefinger once and for all.

RIP Ros.