Scandal Season Finale Recap: The Reset Button’s Been Set  

On the season finale of Scandal, “White Hat’s Back On,” Olivia finds reality; Huck finds his corner; Quinn steps over to the dark side; and justice is finally served, David Rosen style.

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Copyright ABC Networks

By Tara Moore–

So, we were wrong. Fitz didn’t ask Olivia to marry him, he more so demanded it, but even that wasn’t enough. Dare I say, what a relief. Despite Cyrus‘s heart attack, Olivia‘s second escape from death (at the hands of Captain Jake Ballard, of course), Fitz’s willingness to forgive Liv for sleeping with Jake and Mellie’s silence in Fitz’s delivery of the terms of their divorce, there was something bigger hanging in the air; the bomb Cyrus decided to drop to make sure the house of cards crumbled around the most dysfunction Romeo and Juliet of 21st century primetime television–and that’s saying a lot–Verna.

Many of us may have lost track of what actually transpired in Verna’s hospital room as she lay on her sickbed and had one final visitor before she went quietly, but when Cyrus’s angry rant reached Olivia, it was only a matter of time. Like live ammunition loaded and ready to go, Cyrus exploded on Olivia for her childish role in breaking up the President and the First Lady while mentioning quite candidly that Fitz killed Verna with his bare hands. Remember that? Now you do.

I’ll admit, I never wanted Olitz to work out, but hearing the crazy plan Liv concocted to make their public relationship work gave me a tinge of hope for them! As ridiculous as it all sounded, it was a valiant attempt at some semblance of love these two have been volleying back and forth over forever. But murder? There may be a reset button on murder when it comes to a national election, but before you say I do, can you seriously let two hands with blood on them caress you every night? Don’t answer that if you have to think about it.

Sorry Fitz, you don’t get a tenth second chance with Liv, especially not after murder. Nice to see you graveling at your wife’s feet.

Of course, there was the sweet “first kiss” replay that Liv returned to Jake before he left her office, when she told him to close her eyes, just like he told her, knowing that she’d probably not see him again after finding out about B-613, the super secret organization that was behind Huck’s torture and now, sadly, Jake’s punishment for saving her again. Now that Huck’s back in his corner, and Jake’s been thrown into the ground, Olivia’s got a lot on her plate–more than enough to keep her busy while she mourns yet another breakup with the president. That is, of course, after she gets herself out of the mess with her father. Yes, her father.

The mystery man from the park bench that seemed all kinds of big brother, super spy, super creep, is actually her dad! All those unanswered questions about who’s been trying to kill Liv, why destroy her career, why can’t she be with Fitz, daddy’s behind it all. Clearly, their relationship is not a very strong one. Unless, of course, he’s going to act like her savior and pretend not to have any involvement in the latest blow to Liv and her team: the leak of her affair with Fitz.

This can go one of two ways: the latest leak means that Fitz can divorce Mellie and run for re-election as a single man, without Liv. Or, Liv will find out her father is behind it and demand airing his dirty laundry if he doesn’t let Jake go. This, of course, is all contingent on the fact that the gladiator running suit she put on, and that fly white hat David Rosen left for her along with evidence incriminating Billy Chambers as the mole and murderer of several people over the last 2 seasons, are signs of her gut and intelligence returning to her. We haven’t seen the last of Jake, and she’s already told him she can help him get out. Now that she’s a single lady again, what’s to stop her from trying? She does kind of owe him for saving her life twice.

Every minute of this finale was pretty much an ah-ha moment, but there were also several gasps of pure disbelief. Like Quinn stepping in to do Huck’s dirty work, after he tells Liv he’s worried about her. Torturing Billy Chambers came way too easily for her, but it was only a matter of time before all that one on one time with Huck started to rub off on her. Hopefully we don’t have to see her torturing more people next season, I’d still like to think of her as a lady.

Back to the White House and DC’s favorite fixer. Either way their scandal unfolds, Fitz does not end up with Liv. And we’re quite alright with that. Looks like daddy’s little girl is going to have one hell of a problem to fix next season, but we’re sure she’ll handle it gracefully. Those late night wine sessions with Cy may be over.

But who knows, maybe David Rosen, the new hero of the District of Columbia, can take his place. After all, justice, has been served.


  • stephanie

    I don’t think that her dad leak her name because it would have the opposite effect of what her dad wants for her and that’s to be away from fitz. also remember in 220 fitz said they will never be over and he also said in one of the last lines that liv would be his first lady. you have got to go there to further the story you can’t keep playing the three ring circus. either way the leak of liv name is going to make fitz really mad he is going to think mellie did it regardless of who did it. remember the fixer realized that was her last card to play. .the fixer figured that mellie was holding on to liv name so that fitz would not be angry with her for leaking it mellie hope is fitz would come back to her. he did come back but he does not know liv name is leaked yet. he can not run for re-election with mellie name being leaked as a possible racist. think about this did you really think it was going to be that easy for liv and fitz to get to the white house together that why it’s 22-24 show next season, first twelve is working toward getting their and the next twelve is getting their and the problem it creates.

    • admin

      Hi Stephanie,

      All good points! I think if there’s one thing we’ve learned this season though is that nobody’s motives are what they seem. Especially when it comes to Liv’s circle. We’ll have to wait until season 3 to find out though!