Revolution Recap: Delayed Reactions to Nora’s Torture  

On Monday night’s episode of Revolution, “Clue,” Nora’s torture begins; Miles heads to Colorado with Charlie; Charlie doesn’t trust Jason; and a dear friend turns out to be a traitor. 

Copyright NBCUniversal

Copyright NBCUniversal

By Tara Moore—

It’s hard to tell who’s good and who’s bad these days on Revolution, especially when there’s a new traitor added to the mix. Monday night introduced an unlikely traitor but the more we think about it, Hudson (Malik Yoba) was the perfect guy to be a traitor! 

Hudson wasn’t thrilled when Miles went looking for him with Charlie Nora a few weeks back, and when his wife found out about his past, she wasn’t too pleased. But now that Monroe‘s people have his wife—and Nora, of course—Hudson is in full-on “desperate times…” mode amongst friends. Or former friends. Let’s just say frenemies.

When Sanborn, one of Monroe’s guys, fakes Nora’s death and returns her to Atlanta, no one, including Tom Neville trusts his motives. He spills the beans that Rachel is in danger because Monroe knows she’s headed to the tower in Colorado, unless they get their first. Another off the front lines rescue mission?

Nora’s torture was pretty brutal for NBC. After being injected with a hallucinogenic and water-boarded for several days, she returned to camp in a very fragile, paranoid state that could easily have caused her to snap on the deserted air force base where Miles and the crew stopped to find gas. But that would be too obvious. Hudson, and even Jason were much better scapegoats to be accused of the treachery that occurred there.

Speaking of Jason, guess he and Charlie’s romance was destined to be short lived. After seeing a mysterious Monroe militia man named Billings, Jason’s whole demeanor with Charlie changed. Little did any of us know that it was because he was worried about her. This Billings character presented Jason with an opportunity to save his lady, but he turned them down. They wanted him to kill Miles. Too bad that heroic act wasn’t enough for Charlie or Miles to believe him. Now he knows where he stands with the woman he’s falling for and her scary uncle.

Perhaps killing Hudson will provide some redemption for him, but it’s not clear how Miles will react to Jason saving his life. Yes Hudson was probably going to kill him, but he was still a friend at one point in Miles’s mind. Which brings us back to the point; who really is good and bad? More and more, it seems like Miles’s friends are not to be trusted. Like, ever.

Even more disturbing, you are the company you keep.