Game of Thrones: What’s Ahead for Melisandre, Stannis and Gendry?  

We’re only 4 days away from the season 3 finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones, so let’s circle back on what happened with Gendry and Melisandre, and how their actions might determine Stannis’s desired future in King’s Landing. 

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By Tara Moore–

The last time we saw the crazed Stannis Baratheon and his Lord of Light worshipping Red Priestess Melisandre, they were busy performing another ritual to conjure their god at the expense of the naïve Gendry‘s manhood. After seducing and bedding him, Melisandre tricked him into captivity when she attached several leeches to his body (eh hem, his entire body) to make good on her declaration that “There is Power in a King’s Blood.” 

We try not to believe in the Melisandre’s voodoo but as the show is constantly showing us, we can’t doubt her abilities when it comes to the Lord of Light. Whether Gendry’s royal blood will be the answer to Stannis’s prayers to be King of the Iron Throne is up in the air, but something tells me that shadowy murderer that took out Renly last season may be making an appearance Sunday night. Perhaps Gendry won’t be killed just yet, but there’s nothing to stop Stannis and the Red Priestess from tossing him in the dungeon as he makes another play for King’s Landing.

With all the effort Stannis is attempting to put into taking over the throne, he’s got no real king qualities that justify his eagerness. Yes, there is no logic behind why a man wants to be king other than the pure thrill of power and egotism, but of all the potential heirs, Stannis is by far the weakest if he can let his mind be completely clouded by the will of Melisandre and the Lord of Light.

We’re expecting some sort of preemptive attack by Stannis and his men, but this time there won’t be as much bloodshed on his side. In fact, there’s less of a chance his men will even set foot in the water on the shores of King’s Landing, but perhaps he’ll get an assist from the Lord of Light that handles all of the heavy lifting for him. One and done maybe?

Gendry may be in trouble, and we’re still a little salty he’s been separated from Arya, but now that key members of the Stark family are gone for good, something tells me there could be a reunion in the future. After, of course, much, much more treachery from all surrounding sides.

Whether Stannis and Melisandre resort to supernatural methods by way of Gendry’s blood is up for discussion, but if seasons’ past are any indication, expect the unexpected for this already unlikely trio.