Today on the Boards: A DIY Crate Coffee Table  

Make a cozy and functional coffee table with simple stained wooden crates and some nails.

Source: via Naima on Pinterest

It only takes a few hours to complete the perfect, spacious and inexpensive DIY coffee table of your dreams. Simply head out and buy some wooden crates—remember the larger and sturdier the better—wood stain and some nails. Start off by staining your wooden crates then let them dry completely before setting them up in a square. After they’re dry, nail each crate together and make sure it’s secure until you achieve the formation above.

Cool factor: You can paint the wooden crates whatever color you prefer if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. Go ahead, get a little crafty.


  • Filiz O’Brien

    I love this! I have it pinned too and hope to make it one day.

    • admin

      Same here…if only my living room was just a pinch bigger…