Lit Picks: Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach  

This psychological thriller debut by Lottie Moggach will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and questioning the people you know along with the lives they lead on the Internet. 

By Jess Smith— 



Moggach’s first novel, Kiss Me First, centers around sheltered loner Leila who only has 73 Facebook friends and zero real life companions. Mourning the loss of her mother to Multiple Sclerosis, Leila finds solace in a website called Red Pill that’s dedicated to ethical and philosophical debates. She catches the attention of the site founder, Adrian, who fascinates her with his cool intellect and makes her feel special. He lures Leila into meeting in person to ask her an impossible favor—he wants her to take over the identity of a bipolar woman named Tess who plans on committing suicide in secret. The story unravels from there as Leila struggles to find out who she is while pretending to be someone else.

Publishers’ Weekly has already listed Kiss Me First as one of the Best Summer Books of 2013. They sat down with new author Moggach to talk about her inspiration for Leila’s predicament.

“Your Facebook page or Twitter feed is like a newspaper where you are the sole proprietor and every story is about you,” said Moggach. “I knew all these intimate details of my friends’ daily lives, but many of them I never actually saw in the flesh.”

This book should strike a chord with the generation of social media addicts and Catfish fans, as it gives insight on how little we really know about each other and how easily we can be misled and mislead others in return.

“It fascinates me that the medium simultaneously encourages disclosure and dishonesty,” said Moggach. “People are urged to react immediately to things but they can also present a carefully edited portrait of themselves as they’d like to be seen.”

Kiss Me First hits shelves in the US on July 9, 2013. Snag your copy from Amazon.