Today on the Boards: DIY Wind Chimes

If you plan on going to the beach this summer, here’s a way to bring home a little of that surf and sand magic. 

Photo via

Photo via

These wind chimes can make any landlubber porch or patio an oceanic oasis.

All you need is shells, sticks and cotton string. Just scour the beach for two sticks or a long stick to break into two pieces—one at least six inches long and another that’s no more than three inches long. Now search for any and all interesting shells or sea glass along the beach, you’ll find bigger and better shells in the shallow part of the water. Simply tie one end of your cotton string around a shell or piece of sea glass and the other end to one of the sticks. Use two same-size pieces of string to connect the sticks, then repeat the process for the rest of your collection. Tie a 24-inch string to the top stick to hang outside.

Now you can hear the ocean from the comfort of your own home.

  • Jacob Wadsworth

    You make it sound so easy to make. I’ll try and see if I can make it look good with your clear and specific instructions as my guide. I’ll also try to see if I can add up some more interesting stuff with it. Thanks a lot for sharing. –