The Newsroom Recap: Africa, Sarin Gas and Heartache  

On last night’s episode of The Newsroom, “The Genoa Tip,” Jerry Dantana is determined to find a credible source; Maggie is fighting for a trip to Africa; Lisa turns into best friend Queen B; and Don and Sloan get a little more comfortable around each other. 

Copyright HBO

Copyright HBO

By Tara Moore—

If things continue to play out the way they have been for Maggie, she is sadly the victim of a serious string of bad luck–and perhaps even a little hate from the writers. Not only did we find out she had a traumatic experience in Africa in the premiere, but she got dumped and found out there’s a YouTube video of her Sex and the City angry confessional.  2 hits, but she’s still standing. Then after Don lied to Lisa about why Maggie needed to move back in, Lisa saw the YouTube video anyway. And so the Ice Queen is born twisting and contorting Maggie’s real reasons for the confession and convincing herself Maggie only set Jim and Lisa up as a temporary fix to her own predicament. Burn.

Now more than ever, Maggie could use a break. Africa may be a big place but Kampala should be safe, right? Wrong. After pushing Mackenzie to let her go, a wire comes across about their destination that if Mack found out, she’d immediately recant her decision. Too bad Maggie’ proving to be as over-zealous as Jerry. We hope for best, but know it’s the worst that’s coming.

The 9/11 anniversary show came and went, and Will McAvoy made it through the night without sitting in his chair. He did have a hero moment when he went to rescue Neil for his wrongful arrest. We like seeing Will revert to his lawyer speak. More please!

Jerry Dantana is doing some serious fishing for this Genoa story, and Mackenzie is finally intrigued. Landing the gunnery sergeant was a huge win, but the follow-up research will be clutch if whatever libel suit to follow is to be remedied. As the Jim and Maggie drama continues, the Jerry wants a Peabody show unfolds, we’re anxious to see how everything blows up in ACN’s face.

Kudos to HBO for increasing the newsroom pace and the build up to the major conflict of the season only 2 episodes into season 2. It can only get worse from here, in the best possible way for us viewers.