Delayed Reactions: Ray Donovan “It’s Not That Simple.”

On Sunday night’s episode of Ray Donovan, “Housewarming,” Bunchy has a housewarming party that ends in tears and flames; Abby and the kids defy Ray’s no contact with Mickey rule; and Ray and his #2 move in on the FBI agent trying to take them down. 


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By Naima Abdi—

Is it safe to say that the Donovan boys have a familial temper that more times than not gets the best of them? In a stunning and nerve-racking rage Ray pulls a gun on his father Mickey yet again after getting the full scope of Mickey’s involvement with the FBI agent investigating him, Ezra and the business. Oh and then there’s the whole being around his family thing that seems to make Ray’s blood boil more than being double-crossed by his father.

The approach Ray and his #2 decided to use to probe Agent Van Miller‘s agenda was very interesting and completely unconventional, yet not as foolproof as they anticipated because somehow, some way Agent Van Miller’s twisted little trip down acid lane did absolutely nothing to sway him into forgetting about the case he’s building on Ray. Even worse, now Ray will have to watch his back even closer because no one gets away with slipping acid into a federal agent’s coffee then kidnapping him in order to brainwash him…or do they?

Since Ray’s such a pro at what he does, he probably will get out of this but not without a price. Seems likely his punishment will be something major involving that escalating rift between he and his family. At this point Abby is sickened by his blatant disregard for her and the kids, and she’s only moving further and further away from him.

Not to mention, poor Bridget and Conor are scared out of their wits after Ray pulled that gun on Mickey then got really grabby and aggressive with them. At the same time, when Ezra suggests that Mickey be killed, Ray steps back and realizes he can’t be involved with his own father’s death because at the end of the day killing Mickey just isn’t that simple.

Even though he’s showing some sort of decency with his father, Ray is a long way from fixing things with his family and the more he digs himself in the more he’s going to lose them. But again, Ray isn’t the only Donovan man with serious issues; his brother Bunchy is losing his grip and fast. Since he got the settlement money and bought the new house, Bunchy’s mental state went from fragile to cracked, and if he keeps it up he’ll be on his way to broken, or at least the psych ward.

During his epic and unorthodox housewarming party, Bunchy gets a little hot and heavy with one of the hookers Mickey invited to the party. Unfortunately, Bunchy loses his cool when he starts to have flashbacks of his sexual abuse and in an outburst, decides to set his house on fire, the ultimate party fowl. Let’s just hope from here on out Bunchy decides to do something to get his head right so he can heal himself.

And if he wants to do it soon, he’s going to have to quit bad influences too, and that means Mickey has got to go.