Delayed Reactions: Ray Donovan “Aint No Sunshine…”

On Sunday night’s episode of Ray Donovan, “New Birthday,” Ray skips town to take care of personal business; Mickey makes his return to the movie business; and Marvin Gaye Washington crosses the line.



By Naima Abdi—

It was only a matter of time before Marvin Gaye Washington figured out the unfortunate circumstances of his mother’s death, and as expected, Ray Donovan has already moved past it, so naturally it doesn’t exist. Right? Doesn’t that seem to be the reoccurring theme when it comes to the world of Ray Donovan? At first, it appeared as if his wife Abby was the only one experiencing this side of her husband, but as it turns out there are quite a few people put off by Ray’s hard and indifferent exterior; his daughter Bridget being the most important.

Once she’s told she is not to consort with Marvin by dear old dad, of course she does it anyway, and it blows up in her face completely when things get a little too hot and heavy after a rather harmonious duo in the living room. In the middle of a make out session headed to third base, poor Bridget realizes she isn’t ready to take things so far so soon but surprisingly, Marvin gets forceful and disrespectful with her.

Granted he just learned awful news about his dear mother, it was a stupid idea to lay hands and harsh words on the daughter of Ray Donovan, and now Marvin is banned from Calabasas. But given Bridget’s reaction to her father defending her honor, it’s pretty obvious that she will find Marvin and the two will reconnect if not pick up where they left off. Let’s just hope Ray doesn’t find out about it, because it doesn’t seem like another warning or a second chance is Ray’s style.

That’s probably why he went to such great lengths to return to a place he hates so much, because Mickey doesn’t get a second chance to be a better anything to Ray, and now it’s his time to go. Yet Ray accepts that because of his makeshift moral code, he himself cannot actually kill his father. But the next best thing is finding the one person who hates Mickey more than he does to do the job. Although it was quite the adventure finding Patrick “Sully” Sullivan (James Woods), Ray indeed located the man who Mickey may have betrayed more than his own family, and now the two are on their way back to LA to plan Mickey’s fall.

It’s just too bad that Mickey is hugged up so tight with Sean who’s about to buy the twisted story concerning the murder cover-up in Boston all those years ago from Mickey and make it into a movie. Then there’s still the FBI agent working with Mickey who is absolutely not going to stop investigating Ray, Ezra and the business by any means. But will the video leak of the traffic stop showing an acid-induced Agent Van Miller sink his agenda against Ray?