Ray Donovan Recap: Black Irish  

On Sunday night’s episode of Ray Donovan, “Fite Nite,” Sully touches base with Mickey; Abby pries into Ray’s business; and Ray makes another enemy.

Photo: avclub.com

Photo: avclub.com

By Naima Abdi—

Despite the treachery of Ray Donovan’s original plan to put a hit on his father, it’s obvious he doesn’t feel good about the choices he’s made regarding Mickey. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop him from going through with the plan but what he didn’t count on was Mickey being able to talk his way out of the predicament.

When Sully confesses that one of the reasons he decided to take on the task of killing Mickey, it was because of Ray’s ex-girlfriend that Shawn Walker killed. Sully was under the impression that Mickey was the one who murdered her, but when Mickey reveals the truth about the death and Ray’s role in covering it up, Sully changes sides. He also pays Shawn Walker a visit that results in the young father and actor’s untimely death. Thankfully they spared the life of his newborn daughter, though for the time being it looks as if Ray (or rather Abby) will be the one taking care of the baby now that she’s an orphan and it’s technically Ray’s fault (again, remember what happened to Marvin Gaye Washington and his parents?).

Now Sully is bound to redirect his vendetta against Ray, and Ray is going to go after Sully for the $100,000 he stole from Ray and Ezra. Not exactly sure how this new feud will play out, but my money is on Ray.

Back at the boxing ring everyone is anticipating the big fight but Abby is more curious about what her husband is up to. Throughout the fight night, Abby keeps poking around and finally puts the plan to kill Mickey together and confronts Ray who is so shaken by what he thought he did that Abby is for once getting some real vulnerability from him. The only thing is that Ray is also resentful that Abby is so tied to Mickey, when she asks him why he would do such a thing he gets angry with her for constantly taking his side.

But what we discover is that Abby and Mickey have been in touch for quite some time and she’s the reason he moved to LA in the first place. Her compassion towards her father in law is heart-warming and reinforces something we’ve all sort of guessed at but weren’t certain of; everyone sees the good in Mickey but Ray.