Ray Donovan Recap: Bunchy Wasn’t The Only One  

On Sunday night’s episode of Ray Donovan, “Bucky Fuckn’ Dent,” Bunchy does a bad thing; Abby and the kids are on lock down; and a dark family secret is revealed.

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Copyright Showtime Networks Inc

By Naima Abdi—

Every fiber of my being wants Bunchy to get his life together and move past the awful incidents that robbed him of his sanity. Yet after this most recent charade, it’s probably going to take a long time for anyone in the Donovan family to resume business as usual. Still, it was clear that the Donovan boys’ bond is stronger than ever especially after Bunchy brought the man he claims is the real father Danny into the boxing gym all bloody.

Luckily for them Terry‘s lady friend (they’re back to having an affair btw) was there to slow down the bleeding so he wouldn’t die instantly, and it was also so nice to see everyone in the family instantly pull together to try to correct Bunchy’s mistake of shooting the old priest who was in fact the real father Danny.  But they probably didn’t plan on having a gritty style version of therapy that involved forcing father Danny to admit his transgressions against Bunchy, the Donovan family, and surprisingly Ray himself as well.

In the middle of the madness Abby shows up at the gym after rebelling against her husband and his right-hand man Ari. Apparently Ray is paranoid that Sully and his posse will do something to hurt his family, so he sent Ari to safeguard Abby and the kids. The only problem is that Abby refused to be locked in her own home without knowing why. Yet it was clear she wished she had stayed at home instead of wandering off to find Ray because if she had, Abby wouldn’t have had to witness the awful and confusing sight she saw at the gym.

Through the interrogation, we learn that father Danny molested Ray as a boy before he began doing the same to Bunchy, and right as they come to a bonafide resolution, father Danny begins to fear Ray will kill him. Then suddenly just as they are about to get the father ready for the hospital, he mentions his abuse of Ray and Ray impulsively shoots him dead. Just about everyone was stunned, Terry especially, though Bunchy admitted he felt good knowing that father Danny was finally dead.

It was a complete shock to find out that Ray endured the same sexual abuse as his brother Bunchy and that instead of falling apart on the outside he masked the pain by constantly being in control. Equally shocking was that Ray admitted he was molested to Abby.

Think Ray has finally turned a corner? Will he be more open with his wife in the future?