Ray Donovan Season Finale Recap: Daddy Knows Best

On Sunday night’s season finale of Ray Donovan, “Same Exactly,” Abby draws the line with Mickey; Ray goes on the hunt for Sully and the money; and Mickey and Ray have a crucial confrontation. 

Photo: tvequals.com

Photo: tvequals.com

By Naima Abdi—

Everybody seems to hates Mickey, though still probably not as much as Ray Donovan and perhaps now that father Danny is dead, everyone in the Donovan family is beginning to understand why Mickey is so toxic. After all, if Mickey was a good father, would the neighborhood priest have targeted his 3 boys in the first place? Probably not.

That’s the likely reason Bunchy decided it was time for Mickey to move out of his apartment so he can become his own man and shake his sexual anorexia. Like clockwork, Mickey was on the move looking for someone else to take him in and Abby is the first stop. But unfortunately for Mickey, he burned the bridge with his daughter-in-law the moment she found out Ray was also abused by father Danny. What’s shocking is not the fact that Abby actually confronts Mickey about what Ray told her, instead it’s Mickey’s rather nonchalant reaction.

It was a given that Mickey is a pathetic human being all around despite his appealing soft spot for Claudette. But to actually hear him reason with Abby and tell her that Ray’s molestation was no big deal and that being sexually abused was sort of a right of passage back in Boston, was a new low for Mickey entirely.

Thank goodness Abby stuck to her guns and for once decided to side with Ray on this one, even if she’s beyond pissed and confused by their marriage plus the major events that unfolded over the last few days. Meanwhile, Ray is so focused on finding Sully, getting the money and putting an end to this once and for all. Not sure how concerned he is about the family but he has to be if he keeps sending his elite team of fixers to check up on them.

At the same time, he’s incensed by Mickey’s inability to understand why he’d want him dead and unwillingness to admit how awful he is. During their one-on-one, Ray tells his father just how much he hates him and exactly why, and now we know that Mickey knew about the abuse the entire time because Ray told him and rather than protecting his children, Mickey actually beat Ray.

It’s odd Mickey had no real idea why Ray would try to have him killed when Ray seems to be able to have his reasons ready to go and the more he discusses them, the more sense it makes to hate Mickey too. But when he decides to double cross Sully to save Ray’s life, Mickey sort of redeems himself, though Ray doesn’t bother thanking him since he’s more focused on tending to a severely injured Avi. Surely now they’re on better terms but Ray isn’t by any means over the past and it doesn’t look like he’ll be warming up to Mickey any time soon.

Next season, we can expect Terry‘s honesty about the incident with father Danny to come back and haunt the Donovan’s since Terry’s lady friend was very upset that father Danny wasn’t taken to the hospital.

Maybe Abby and Ray will start to deal with their broken relationship because Abby is a woman on the verge and as her husband, it’s Ray’s job to bring her back to center, but will his other job stay priority number one?