Grey’s Anatomy Recap: A Little Red Cup and a Journal  

On last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Map of You,” Meredith Grey researched a potential research project; Cristina tried to talk to Meredith; Derek’s neuro sensors were held hostage and Alex went to a sleezy bar to hear some tunes. 

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Copyright ABC Networks

By Tara Moore–

Now that Meredith and Derek are back in the hospital, their drive to be great surgeons and great parents is constantly called into question. First it was Meredith’s preparedness for a surgery she was to perform with Yang, now it’s Derek’s decision to take a seat from surgery and focus on research, all for the sake of Meredith having a big year. But will that approach leave her just like the late, great Ellis Grey? We sure hope not.

But Meredith’s level of focus last night reminded us of two former realities; hers and her mother’s. She may be trying really hard not to be her, but the resemblance is striking. Meredith should be a world-class surgeon, family or not. Especially since she has her little journal to walk her through the trial–a journal her mother wrote. See the reoccurring themes?

Something missing from last night was a good strong medical case. Alex and Jo were in a weird place because Alex was avoiding her, but it turned out Jo’s meddling when Alex’s father was in the hospital did matter–Alex was cheating on her with a dive bar, one where his father played guitar every night. He seemed like a nice guy while Alex was chatting him up, never revealing who he was, but it all came to a head when Alex’s delinquent father pulled out a family photo of a family that was not Alex’s. This was a new family, one his father managed to also screw up. His reaction? Knock his father out with a swing to the jaw.

Besides that drama, and a patient that wouldn’t leave Derek’s trial unless Derek removed a tumor embedded deep in his brain, there wasn’t much science happening. Yes Meredith picked a project that involved 3D printing some type of organ, and yes Yang performed a never been done before heart surgery with a glue that’s only used for neurosurgery, but beyond that, romance and familial drama reigned king. We’re a little over it though.

Remember last season when we promised to drop Grey’s if it didn’t get back to its original mission? That notion was abandoned when Richard went down, but now the same promise stands. Unless of course, this is the last season.