The Blacklist Recap: Who is Tom Keen?  

On last night’s episode of The Blacklist, “Gina Zanetakos,” Tom Keen is brought in for questions; Elizabeth and Ressler take on a Russian spy; Reddington handles business; and a dirty bomb built into a car threatens the city. 

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Copyright NBCUniversal

By Tara Moore–

Agent Elizabeth Keen is trying really hard to believe her husband, but something about the look on Raymond Reddington‘s face at the end of last night’s episode of The Blacklist suggested Tom Keen might not be so innocent. After begging and pleading with Keen’s people to let him go, and piecing together that he met with Reddington, not the headmaster of this school in Boston when they were both staying at the Angel Station Inn, Keen is now convinced that Red set her husband up to look like he was a spy that was sleeping with the criminal behind a dirty bomb attack Gina Zanetakos (Margarita LaveivaHow to Make it in AmericaRevenge). Perhaps Keen and her husband will try to reconcile now, but she’ll also need to reconcile her differences with Red now.

Gina was an interesting twist to the story, even if she isn’t really Tom’s lover. She was a trusted spy and seemed to be really good at her job, but how easily she started to comply with Ressler and Malik makes you stop and wonder, is she really telling the truth? Not sure we’ll be seeing her again, but something tells me we will.

As for the dirty car bomb she commissioned, Ressler risked his life to protect Keen and the rest of the people on the dock from that radiation-packed bomb built into a car. It’s nice to see Keen’s senses kick in when she makes a connection that it looks like Reddington set up for her to find, only to give her and her team seconds to save the day. This time it was Ressler that jumped in front of a bullet, so to speak. After driving the car off the dock, it looked like a huge sigh of relief when the bomb went off under water. But then it was back to business in either proving Tom Keen’s guilt, or innocence.

Keen may have pushed Red away for toying with her mind and her heart when it comes to family, but we’re still dying to know why he would do it, much like it seems she is. Maybe that’s the big reveal this series is building towards, underneath all the criminal mastermind arrests.