Forever Series Premiere Recap: The Art of Dying

On last night’s series premiere of ABC’s Forever, Ioan Gruffudd narrates us through his life as a man who can’t die, despite dying hundreds of times in the name of science, and a series of unfortunate events. What sounds like it could be a disaster to execute might actually have some legs–beyond Gruffudd’s hot British accent and strong jawline, and constant nakedness.

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By Tara Moore–

Okay, so not every show this fall is going to be a keeper, but watching Ioan Gruffudd play the British old timer Henry Morgan who is obsessed with dying is not the worst way to spend your Monday night–except of course that it’s competing with a tried and true favorite: The Blacklist. Regardless, Forever will at the very least make our DVR every week. Here’s why–and we promise it’s more than seeing him naked.

Henry Morgan has the potential likability that someone like a Richard Castle had when that cop drama first aired eons ago. Though Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza, Law & Order) is no Kate Beckett, she’s got the exotic, mysterious aura about her that will keep us longing for more backstory and more depth in her character. While it’s obvious the writers are trying to create some tension between Martinez and Morgan, we hope it’s the lingering kind that plays out over many episodes vs. the messy kind that turns into a television romance we can’t stand to watch anymore (eh hem, Castle). There’s not enough to go on yet, but the potential plot lines could make for a stable series.

That said, there’s one character we haven’t met that is proving to be an annoying foe–the guy on the other end of Henry Morgan’s phone calls. Call it Liam Neeson fatigue, but we’re over the threat by phone call approach of today’s films/television shows. Is that really the best we can do?