The Blacklist Season 2 Premiere Recap: Mrs. Reddington

On last night’s season premiere of The Blacklist on ABC, Raymond Reddington has Elizabeth Keen and the FBI on the hunt for his hunter, who now has an unexpected hostage. Next on his elusive list, Lord Baltimore–not to be mistaken for Lord Voldemort. 

Photo via NBC Networks

Photo via NBC Networks

By Tara Moore–

Poor Reddington. We noticed hints to Reddington’s passed in season 1, but now that we know what Berlin is planning, and who he’s planning to use to hurt Reddington, we’re feeling just as helpless as Reddington–though he’d never let it appear that way. The fact is, Red’s wife, who he hasn’t seen in 20 years is now in the hands (or hand) or the one person Red can’t find at the snap of his fingers. And Keen, well, there’s only so much Keen can do without going too far outside of the gray area. Which brings us to Lord Baltimore.

First twist (spolier): Lord, which normally refers to a man, is in actually a petite, pretty lady going by the name Rowan Mills (Krysten RitterBreaking Bad). Second twist: Rowan has/had a twin sister, who served in the military and supposedly died in action. Or so she wants us to think. Turns out–third twist–that Rowan’s twin Nora, died, and tripped a psychotic break in Rowan that now has her splitting personalities with her deceased sister. Trippy, right? So, this is all relevant because Rowan thinks she’s been a victim of some data security breaches, but it turns out, she’s been attacking herself, and her evil twin’s personality has assumed the role of Lord Baltimore, who handed Red’s wifes off to Berlin.

We’re not happy about meeting Red’s wife this way–at the disposal of a one-handed villain with a bone to pick with Red. We get it, Red did him wrong in the past, but sending Red little biological mementos of his wife as a message, not cool. Let’s hope Red gets to his wife before it’s too late.

Speaking of too late–or not–Keen was able to anull her marriage from the deception Tom! But the question on everyone’s mind is, did Tom really die? (Did anyone else notice the blatant grab of those stylish Warby Parkers sitting on the dashboard as the hooded figure watched Keen?) Something tells me Keen’s paranoia is about to catch up to her real soon, and Tom Keen will rise from the dead.