Enjoy International Coffee Day with this Brew



Image Courtesy of Reddi-wip

Image Courtesy of Reddi-wip

By Cheryl S. Grant-

According to the Harvard School of Public Health about 54 percent of Americans  over the age of 18 drink coffee daily. When enjoyed in moderation studies suggest that this little bean can help to lower risks for developing cancers such as endometrial, aggressive prostate and estrogen negative breast, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties.

In celebration of International Coffee day here is an awesome recipe to get this Monday off to a good start.

Frosted Coffee Float


3/4 cup hot strong brewed coffee

1 envelope (0.73 oz each) Swiss Miss® Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

1/2 cup vanilla premium ice cream (1/2 cup = 1 large scoop)

Reddi-wip® Original Dairy Whipped Topping