Scorpion Recap: 4 Kids, A Bio-hacker and a Governor

On Monday night’s episode of Scorpion, the crew is called in to find the source and a cure for a virus that’s targeting the governor’s daughter. 

Copyright CBS Corporation

Copyright CBS Corporation

By Tara Moore–

Again with the over dramatics! This week on ScorpionWalter O’Brien and the team are faced with a deadly virus that’s only targeting certain people. The new rage is bio-hacking, and it’s a term used to describe sophisticated hackers who can embed a physical virus in a computer to target individuals–in this case the governor’s daughter–with an unexplained sickness. O’Brien is dealing with some awkward angry emotions that we are reminded shouldn’t be coming from a genius of his caliber, but in a slow but revealing couple o scenes, we learn that his sister was a similar situation; an unexplained illness that he couldn’t fix.

In this case though, he is in control, and the team concocts a plan to break into a pharmaceutical company, manages to find the hacker at an internet cafe/hacker hang, and save the governor and his daughter’s life in a matter of 52 minutes. Again, we are just not buying their involvement with Homeland Security, nor their success rate. Yes modern times dictate a certain level of tech genius, but when tech genius turns into general genius who can trigger a sprinkler in a matter of seconds to counteract an aerosolized virus, not buying it all the way. Especially with the confidence and lack of panic attached to the action.

Do better. One more episode and we’re out.