The Blacklist Recap: Meeting of the Minds

On Monday night’s episode of The Blacklist, Reddington makes arrangements without Lizzie’s consent, Monarch Douglas Bank is broken into but not for money, and Mrs. Reddington attempts an escape. 

Copyright NBC Networks

Copyright NBC Networks

By Tara Moore–

As the threat to Raymond Reddington‘s ex wife’s life heightened, Red decided it was time to take matters into his own hands while the Liz and the FBI find themselves the jackpot of the criminal underworld–a formula in the shape of a woman’s mind. The bank robbery, it turns out, was nothing more than a kidnapping, meant to steal Kaja Tomczak who has an extreme case of photographic memory that enables her to remember every single bank account number and wiring accounts that happen to belong to several terrorist networks and other criminals. Though Liz and Ressler get to her, they’re quickly attacked by some covert ops looking to secure her before she reveals their client’s secrets. Also, did we mention that Berlin is one of those clients?

Which brings us back to Red. Red–armed with this information–deploys his own crew to protect Liz but also recover Kaja who despite helping the FBI has also given Red the info he needs to find Berlin, thanks to Red’s random manicurists who would be used to mend Kaja’s wound. To our relief, Red strikes a bargain with Berlin that could’ve gone terrible wrong if Liz didn’t act to protect her asset, but basically, Berlin’s terrorist activities will be funded thanks to Red’s plan to offer back his funds in exchange for his ex wife. Now that he has her though, we’re hoping she’s still in one piece. The blind folds they left on her were a bit sketchy.

Something tells me we’re not done with the Mrs., and Red’s not done with Berlin. But it looks like only time will tell.