Parenthood Recap: Not All Good

On last night’s episode of Parenthood, Amber breaks the news to Zeek; Zeek gets a birthday song and a diagnosis; Sydney gets in trouble; and Joel and Julia fight some more. 
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Copyright NBC Universal

By Cheryl S. Grant–

In true Braverman fashion, the grandkids record a song with Crosby for Zeek’s birthday. Camille and Zeek walk out of his doctor’s office deflated when they are given the news that he needs an operation. Kristina gets into a heated match with her food vendor of the school and he quits, leading Adam to decide that he and the kids of the school can cook together and prepare their lunches.

Meanwhile, Sydney is in trouble at school for bullying another student, causing Julia and Joel to argue about how he left and how distraught it left them all. They confront Sydney about her behavior at school and as often happens with her, she has a tantrum. You’d hope by now they learned how to discipline the bratty genius, but sadly, that’s not the case.

In other Braverman news, Zeek is in denial. Crosby swings by his parents’ house to try and convince his father that he needs to have the surgery. Zeek does what he does best and puts a spin on how truly serious the situation is and manipulates Crosby into believing that he doesn’t need the surgery. Adam also tries to talk him into going under the knife but Zeek announces that he will go out on his own terms. Stubborn Bravermans.

Post-surgery drama, Amber tells Zeek that she is pregnant and he is thrilled at the thought of being a great-grandparent. Her news prompts him to decide he needs to have the surgery. And now we all can be scared together, again.