Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Bombshells with the Greys

On last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith babbles about Maggie; Richard defends his decision not to tell Meredith when he found out; and Alex makes his pitch to the board. 

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By Tara Moore–

Poor Meredith Grey. The perfect McLife she was living with her McDreamy has finally turned him into McGrumpy. After deciding to turn down the White House gig, and a great speech about how he wants to be where his family is, Derek Shepherd is going through one of his moody phases where he bullies the hospital and makes everyone feel bad for him not doing what he was born to do. It’s selfishness at its finest, and Grey knows that neither of them has won. Cause as much as Grey had no intention of leaving, she also didn’t want him to stay. So what’s a girl to do?

Meanwhile, she’s struggling with the latest family drama, after finding out that Maggie really is her sister, and she bring Richard into her drama forcing a confession from him about why he didn’t tell her. In true Richard fashion, he reminds her that her mother stole a lot from him in an emotional way, including the fact that she was pregnant with his child. Now there’s only one person who doesn’t know that actually needs to know: Maggie herself.

Recognizing that he has to come clean, Richard sets out to tell her the truth and her reaction is way less than thrilled. Let’s just hope her storming off doesn’t mean she’s also abandoning her job and it’s not going to drive Richard to the bottle.

In other Grey + Sloan Memorial news, Alex and Bailey are making their statements to the board about why each of them deserves Yang‘s (R.I.P., but not really) seat, and Alex storms out without a seat or the job. Hopefully that will change.

There’s a lot going on with Callie and Arizona, that we hope they’ll sort through soon, but right now, it seems like the chances they’ll have another baby anytime soon are slim to none. Good luck to them and their future.