Parenthood Recap: Hugs for All

On last night’s episode of Parenthood, Zeek shares the news; Camille and Zeek prepare for surgery; Amber finds Ryan and Julia and Joel share another awkward moment. 
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By Cheryl S. Grant–

This episode opens with Zeek announcing to all in ear shot that Amber is pregnant, which takes the pressure off her having to tell her everyone. She consoles a shaken Zeek about his surgery and it seems to calm his fear. Unlike the big burly Zeek that we’ve come to know and love, this week he is meek, mild and afraid that he may never see his family again. And once again, we are entreated to another awkward Julia and Joel run-in at the hospital. Can’t the two just get back together and spare us more of these tension-filled meetings?

While the family knows what’s up, a key person is still out of the loop. Amber decides that she needs to tell Ryan that she is pregnant in person. Drew decides to go with her and they find him in a cabin in what seems like isolation. Although she is ready to tell him that she is ready to go it alone, he is elated. He vows to be with her “every step of the way.” She believes that everything is going to be ok and tells Drew who thinks she is nuts to do so. She talks with Ryan about how he is doing and feels that Drew was right. She then tells him though she will always want him to be a part of the child’s life she can’t be with him right now. Giant sigh! Another let down.

Sarah attempts to bond with Hank’s daughter Ruby who is not only snotty but she also likes to slip things into her purse. Sarah tells Hank and he blames himself. His ex-wife–although she knows that Ruby is a problem–doesn’t want Sarah spending any time with her. Can we say, jealousy?

Even with all that, it’s hugs for all when Zeek comes out of surgery. And they live happily ever after–for now.