Grey’s Anatomy Recap: All in the Family

On last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Derek and Meredith continue their feud; Kerev gets a promotion; a 13 yr old has an unexpected emergency; and flashbacks coupled with trips down memory lane in mommy videos and journals confirm Maggie’s identity. 

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By Tara Moore–

Things are not alright at home with Derek and Meredith. But in a good show of sport, Derek calls a temporary truce when he finds out why things have been particularly frayed on Meredith’s side–the announcement that she has yet another sister she didn’t know about, this time one mommy dearest had out of wedlock with Richard Webber. New head of cardio Maggie is a cute little doc with a lisp we sometimes hate, sometimes love, but after the announcement that she was leaving, we start to hate it again. A bad first reunion with the Greys is, after all, what we’ve come to expect, unfortunately she wasn’t clued into that knowledge.

Meanwhile, Derek is still moping about because he didn’t go to DC, and Meredith is making it no secret that she didn’t want him to stay. Now that she has to deal with his moping around, she’s fuming at him that he needs to pick up the phone, tell them he’s coming and go. This could be the undoing of their marriage, and quite possibly the perfect real end for the show, if in the end his departure is also a departure from the family. We just can’t quite pinpoint it, since sometimes he really is being a great family man.

Then there’s Alex; Arizona gave him a shiny new title after telling him the vote for Bailey’s board seat was unanimous, which turned out to be a lie. Really, Arizona just wanted someone to take her attending position because she can’t carry out all of her duties now that she’s a fellow. Everything’s coming full circle right? Speaking of pediatrics, Meredith is fuming about a little girl who was dropped off with what looks like contractions happening in the parking lot. All alone, a giant belly pre-teen causes Grey to alert child services, before the crew realizes she has a mass–not a bun in the oven. Still, where is this child’s mother?

Eventually, we hear a sad monologue from an undocumented mother afraid to bring her daughter in for care because they’re illegal immigrants. Meredith has a change of heart and gets the mom legal counsel to deal with this illegal status and cover the medical bills.

Back to not-so-happy married life. Derek told Meredith she’s sounding more and more like her mother! Possibly the worst thing to say to her in a fight, we start to notice that Meredith is in fact a splitting image of her mother–in Richard’s eyes at least, while she’s performing surgeries. Let’s see where this is all going.