How to Get Away with Murder Recap: Unofficial Evidence

On last week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, Professor Keating shows her true colors; Wes Gibbons shares a big secret; Annalise’s former lover becomes leverage; and the plot thickens on who killed the poor college student. 

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By Cheryl S. Grant–

Michaela is freaking out. Asher is screaming for his trophy, Rebecca is a total zombie, Connor has a meltdown, and there is a suicide. So let’s just get to it.

Rebecca says that she confessed to the murder of Lila because she felt pressured. Then when she realizes that Wes was right and that Griffin was going to place the blame on her, she wakes up from her zombie like state and decides she needs a real defense. Annalise grills Wes as to what he spoke with Rebecca about and he lies; not a smart move. She boots him off the case. We watch the confession video of Rebecca and it is obvious she was coerced into incriminating herself. Her bail gets reduced and she is free to go home. Then once again we witness a creepy scene between Annalise and Wes. Why is she so scary good? Just love Viola. She’s always displaying inappropriate body language around him, and we’re not sure where this is headed yet. This time, she was caressing that desk as she was staring him down and I was so uncomfortable.

New client this week Marren Trudeau (Elizabeth Perkins, Weeds), is charged with insider trading and she is quite entertaining. She is as tough as Annalise and calls her out. Interesting juxtaposition, considering no one ever dares interrogate Annalise and her motives.

The fab five as always are able to unearth the messy truth by using deceptive methods. In true Connor form there is a sex scene that is not even close to PG, but maybe he went too far because it led to a suicide. Speaking of which, we’re toggling over whether Connor’s character will be more than a sex addict, but that’s another discussion. Back to the suicide. Yup, someone flipped backwards outside a window. Connor also goes from sexy to sweaty this week and goes to Oliver’s apartment (the IT guy) a stringy haired mess and melts down. Oliver feels that Connor isn’t willing to give enough of himself and kicks him out. Oh the drama!

This episode is really a creepy mess. We find Bonnie sitting outside of Annalise’s house in the dark, just as Detective Nate is searching through Sam’s GPS to find evidence of where he might have been the night of Lila’s murder. Sam catches Nate in the act, but Nate gives him a silly excuse that Sam of course believes. Ahhhhh! It sure is nice to have Annalise’s two lovers finally meet. Meanwhile, Bonnie is taking this all in and later uses it against the prosecution.

If all of that wasn’t jarring or scarring enough, we get to see a stripped down Annalise as she removes her makeup and wig. As vulnerable as she seems, she is brewing with one question as she welcomes home her loving husband… “Sam, why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” Something no ONE ever wants to hear! Can’t say these two are going to win any awards for couple of the year! Next week should be a real hoot, lovelies. Catch up then.