Parenthood Recap: New Girl at School

On last week’s episode of Parenthood, Max develops a crush; the new girl at school has a bad nickname for Max; Crosby feels betrayed; and Hank and Sarah talk about Ruby. 

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By Cheryl S. Grant–

Ever since the announcement came that something dramatic and unexpected was going to take place on the final season of Parenthood, I have spent every episode on edge. I keep wondering if this is the moment one of our beloved characters will bite it. Sorry, I am a Game of Thrones fanatic and I have been terminally scarred by the happenings of that series. In this episode, we find Crosby and Adam still at a crossroads with Oliver. Seriously why wouldn’t they have asked him to sign a contract? He is such a flake. After Crosby locates him at a spiritual retreat, I have to tell you it was pretty funny watching Crosby lose it when he realizes that Oliver betrayed them. He races back home and jumps right on his motorcycle–only a day after promising Jasmine he wouldn’t ride anymore. Last week when he had an accident, I thought that perhaps we were going to lose him, but not so. But who knows what could happen now that he has ridden off angry? Let’s hope he doesn’t have two motorcycle accidents in one season, though.

Over at the academy, we are entreated to their newest student Dylan (Ally Ioannides) who is pretty smug. She instantly decides to pick on Max by calling him “Aspergers” and “freak.” Kristina, being the true protective den mother wants to step in but Adam won’t allow it. Dylan and Kristina do eventually have an exchange and she is left shocked at the level of disrespect little Miss Dylan shoots towards her. But Kristina’s real worry will come from the fact that Max has a crush on Dylan. If she rejects him, that could lead to meltdown central.

Speaking of problem girls, once again Sydney is not being her best self. She has turned into a bully leading Joel and Julia to realize that they need to make a decision about their relationship because obviously limbo isn’t working. They apologize to the parents of the girl that Sydney has been brutalizing and it isn’t well received. Like the viewing audience, they too want this nonsense with Joel and Julia to be resolved.

Bratty kids seem to be the theme of this episode because over at Hank and Sarah‘s his daughter is a real peach as well. Ruby ridicules Sarah just for sport which Sarah seems to swallow without too much anger. Hank, at the urging of Sarah, explains to Sandy that Sarah is a permanent fixture. Sandy seems to take it in stride but I am not sure about her reception because it seemed way too easy.

Last scene of the night is right on par with what we expect from the Bravermans which is much love and tears. Zeek has been less than receptive to Millie‘s urging that he start walking and stretching his legs. She becomes overwhelmed and complains to Adam. Kristina, who is in earshot, sees Millie crying and takes it upon herself to visit Zeek. She herself, a cancer survivor, is able to relate to his fears and he acquiesces and takes a walk with her. Millie is home to see it and of course we all have a good cry at the beauty of the moment. The coming attraction shows us Joel coming to terms with the fact that some other guy is going to be hanging out with his kids and wife…Awkward! Will he fight to get her back, or accept and move on?