A Haunting Halloween Drink

Image courtesy of Knob Creek

Image courtesy of Knob Creek

By-Cheryl S. Grant

Halloween is upon us and as we decide what freaky character we are going to be why not take a sip on something creepily good.

Named after a small stream that flows through President Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home in Kentucky, Knob Creek is the perfect thing to warm you up on a cold October night. From barrel to bottle you can expect their 100 proof and Single Barrel Reserve 120 proof to reflect the history of what it tasted like before prohibition.

Try this simple recipe which isn’t for the faint of heart. Happy Halloween!

Knob Creek Bourbon Street Nightmare 


3 parts Knob Creek Bourbon

3 parts Orange Juice

1/2 part Blood Orange Syrup


1. Place all ingredients in a Hurricane glass over ice and mix well.

2. Drizzle blood orange syrup over top and garnish with a black licorice wheel.