Parenthood Recap: Family Games and Birthdays

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By Cheryl S. Grant

Last week’s family festivities were just as over the top as we’ve come to expect during any routine Braverman gathering. Adam and Kristina had a rather public moment in the backyard while just about everyone at the party stood to bear witness. Everyone except Sarah and Hank, who were off on a photo shoot that morphed into Zeek interrogating Max about which base he’s gotten to with Dylan, and to make things even slightly more awkward for Max, Crosby jumps on the bandwagon as to educate him. But Kristina doesn’t want them to encourage Max because she fears that Dylan isn’t going to like Max the same way that he likes her.

Thank goodness for Kristina’s intuition though! Last night we found out that Dylan is more than likely a victim of child neglect, and though Kristina worries that she’s only hanging out with Max because she likes the family, her big heart won’t let her go home alone either. So while Dylan plays house with the baby and Asperger’s as she still endearingly calls Max, we get to see them bonding, trading compliments in a way only Max and whoever he ends up with can.

Meanwhile, there was a storm of tension surrounding Julia when her new boyfriend showed up, and there’s little she can do to keep things under control. Things really heat up when her on again off again fling Chris, shows up with work papers he needs Julia to sign but he’s enticed by Adam to linger and play with the kids just long enough for Joel to show up. Awkwardness immediately ensues when Joel gets his kids perspective on Chris and they seem to like “mom’s new friend.” That’s when he decides to confront Julia at work but his execution was childlike, and now it seems they’re both back at square one. Maybe though, it’s not quite over yet.

Sadly for Amber, she was still in denial about her pregnancy. Which explains why she excitedly told Drew and Natalie about a new potential beau she met at the coffee shop. Only, she didn’t get the kind of encouragement she was hoping for. Instead, Drew tells her the hard uncomfortable truth that motivates Amber to tell her prospective new man about her unborn baby, but unfortunately he’s just not feeling it. This week she embraced her reality, attempting to crib shop with Drew. After seeing the horrific price tags on all the things she would need, she asks bosses/uncles Crosby and Adam for a raise. Unfortunately, the Luncheonette is struggling and no one remembered to tell her the truth, until now. Worried about her future as a preggers twenty-something with potentially no job, motherhood is really setting in now.

After Adam and Kristina chatted with Max about relationships last week, Max tells Dylan that he likes her at a five and she tells him she’s at a two–maybe a two and a half. Surprisingly Max is good with that since he’s hopeful that he’s got at least a decade or so to change her mind. This week Max is hoping all their quality time brought him up to a three in her eyes. Let’s hope so. That eye compliment, though slightly backhanded, was pretty sweet.

In other news, Crosby and Jasmine have a heart to heart about their money problems, since until then Crosby has been leaving her in the dark. When Jabar gets excited about a possible trip to Potter World, the parents have to get creative about how to celebrate without making his wish come true. Good thing they did though; their dress-up surprise party in the backyard complete with the grumbling sorting hat was as memorable as any childhood birthday can get.

Hopefully things don’t get much worse before they get better for all the Bravermans tied to the Luncheonette. This is the last season, after all.