How to Get Away with Murder Catch-Up: Keating’s Tangled Web

This season on How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise Keating debates turning in Wes’s evidence; Sam makes something new up about Lila; Keating covers something up; and Wes gets a little bold. 

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By Cheryl S. Grant–

Two weeks ago we discovered that Laurel can be as ruthless as the rest of the group when she helps to win the verdict of a child who kills his abusive father. While Michaela was breaking down under the pressure, Laurel volunteered herself to take Michaela’s place and return the incriminating murder trophy to Asher. It’s a pretty rational move considering that everyone else seems to be falling apart. Connor is still a flustered wreck and Wes lets his crush on Rebecca cloud his judgment.

Though Laurel is currently calm we also find that she has made a mistake on the night of Sam’s murder. Her phone rings and who is calling but none other than Frank. Laurel’s bigger mistake is going to Frank’s apartment after the burning/burial/murder. She brings him the cleaned up trophy and asks for his help. These very tough kids all seem to be on the verge of their own separate meltdowns.  Connor ran to Oliver’s apartment the previous week. Do they know nothing??

But what does all that matter because I too am in my own private Idaho after hearing those now infamous words of Annalise last week. Of course Sam does a crappy job of explaining why he was sleeping with Lila and how it was just sex and how he really loves Annalise. Seriously text book!! But we also glean the one little interesting fact. Annalise was also his side piece at one point. He cheated on his first wife with her. WHAT?? Our perfect Annalise was a part of an affair…Oh wait I forgot about Nate. This seems to be the theme between Annalise and Nate. They can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves or only on each other.

Under duress, Annalise drinks herself into a stupor before running back to Nate. He decides that it’s time to tell her that Sam’s alibi is a total farce. He lied. Sam lied. She’s lied too. The show is full of people misrepresenting themselves.

Sam gets home later on and Annalise asks him, “Were you at Yale when Lila was murdered?” He admits that he wasn’t—Lila apparently called him and sounded upset and suicidal, so he skipped the lecture, came to see her, couldn’t find her (and couldn’t reach her on her phone), and drove back to New Haven. Annalise is not convinced. How could she be?

But Annalise has bigger problems. After Wes relentless tries to convince her to turn in the phone, Rebecca shares some news about the image in the phone that leads Wes on a late-night stroll to the professor’s place. After scaring Annalise to death as she exits the shower, Wes tells her that he recognizes the wall paper and knows whose penis is on Lila’s phone. Annalise is feeling pressure from Wes who has decided to grow a pair…I guess’s that what love does. He seems to have a weird attachment to Rebecca. Not sure what that’s all about. Annalise is also confused as to why he believes that Rebecca is incapable of killing Lila.

Meanwhile, Annalise gets Frank to plant Lila’s phone in Griffin’s car. I guess she still feels some sense of loyalty towards Sam?? Well the not so good news because Nate finds out that Frank is up to no good. He has pictures. Is this a way for Nate to have something on Annalise? Rebecca now feels that it is okay to come out of hiding and since she knows that its Sam image on the phone she asks Wes how he could be okay with that. We’ll let you know when he figures it out.

This week seemed to be Bonnie’s week to be featured. She turns on Laurel, (little miss rich girl) and tells her to leave Frank alone. Laurel does tell him that she is no longer interested in him but that obviously didn’t last long because in a previous bonfire flashback there was a half-naked Frank on her phone.

This is another week that we are entreated to the tears of Annalise and yet another vulnerable moment. She confesses to Sam that the reason she is helping to protect him is because she needs him—and she loves him, too. Pretty surprising to hear the tough, Queen B Professor Keating? But Sam also admits that he needs her. This couple is exhausting!

More on this twisted love octagon – or whatever you want to call it – next week.


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